Seth Shostak After Extraterrestrial Congressional Hearing
- U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
- AstronomyOutreach network, StarLight Festival

StarTalk Live! at SF Sketchfest
- StarTalk Radio

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Part 4


Astronomer Seth Shostak: We'll find ET by 2037!
- Boing Boing

Hunting for Aliens in Outer Space
- The Colbert Report





Confessions of an Alien Hunter
- National Geographic Books


What Do Aliens Really Look Like?
- I Need My Space, Inverse
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Astronomers Find 7 Potentially Habitable Planets
- Weekend Edition Sunday, NPR

Skeptic Check: What, We Worry?
- Astrobiology Magazine

NASA’s Kepler Program Finds Earth-Like Planet
- WGN Radio

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Seth Shostak & Alan Boyle
- Virtually Speaking Science


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SETI, the Past, Present and Future
- BBC World Service

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Seth Shostak on SETI (audio)
- Sky & Telescope